Pastor's Welcome

Dear Friends of KBMC, 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit our website. We are delighted to share with you some information about us and hope that you find it helpful. Many of the visitors to our website are searching for answers to some of life's most challenging questions. It is our desire that your search will lead to the discovery of the incredible and unconditional self-giving love of God. 

Our roots run deep in the Wesleyan-Methodist tradition that succinctly states: All men need to be saved; all men can be saved; all men can know they are saved; all men can be saved to the uttermost. We pray that you have experienced this incredible truth in your own life. 

Our church exists of people who have experienced that wonderful truth. If you choose to visit us, you will soon discover that truth as you meet real people who love God and love others. If you have any questions about KBMC and any of our ministries, please feel free to let us know. Please take the time to go to each area of the website and discover why it is evident that God truly has smiled on the KBMC family. It would be an honor to have you join us for worship. 

Joy in Serving, 

Mark Cravens 

The KBMC Exists for 5 Purposes:

  • Worship

    We grow stronger through Worship

  • Evangelism

    We grow larger through Evangelism

  • Discipleship

    We grow deeper through Discipleship

  • Service

    We grow broader through Service

  • Fellowship

    We grow closer through Fellowship


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