• Mission Statement: Teaching kids to KNOW, GROW, and SHOW God's love
  • Core Values: Salvation, Bible Truths, Serving, Discipleship, and Family


IMPACT is "a group of teens focusing to make God the center of our lives"

Ministry statement/member agreement:

Having received saving grace from God by faith, I acknowledge that I am allowing God to daily impact my life. As God helps me… 

  • I promise to have a positive impact on my fellow members, praying for them, encouraging them, loving them, giving them my friendship, defending them, never talking badly about them, having only God-pleasing conversations with them, and helping them become all God wants them to be. 
  • I promise to have a positive impact on all outsiders, showing them the joy of the holy, Christian life, sharing my faith as God gives me opportunity, and actively inviting them to become part of our community so they can be impacted by God.  


Ignite is a college and early career age ministry of KBMC. We are a study group with a focus on discussion and application of Biblical truth. If you are interested in meaningful interaction with peers and learning to live what you read in the Bible, Ignite is the place for you!


If you are hungry for God's word and sense your need to connect at a deeper level with other Christians, join us every Sunday evening at 6:00.